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Police Officer Arrests Man with Cerebral Palsy for DUI

Police officers put their lives on the line everyday and are rightfully seen as heroes by many. But, they too are human and not every police officer is always out to do the right thing. They are out for promotions and commendations just like anyone else at any other job. And that may have been a motivating factor when a Utah police officer arrested a man for a DUI. The problem? The man had Cerebral Palsy, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. Upon stopping the man while he rode his motorcycle, the officer ordered a field sobriety test. Because of the man’s condition, he has one leg that is shorter than the other. As a result of this, the man informed the officer that it was likely he would fail the test because he simply cannot walk like a normal person, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The officer didn’t care and ordered him to take the test. The man failed the test. And in a greater irony, the man hadn’t even taken his prescription medication that day (medications can lead to DUI arrests).

The officer has been praised by the police department for being extra dutiful in taking down drunk drivers, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. In 2009 the officer made over four hundred arrests for DUI. Four. Hundred. But defense attorneys have begun questioning her and judges now find the officer uncredible. She often performs test out of site of the police camera, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. Her actions have been called troubling in the past and arresting a man with Cerebral Palsy for a DUI is just the latest.

Not all cops are good and not everyone charged with a DUI is guilty. If you’ve been charged with a DUI you have rights that need to be protected. Contact a New York Criminal Attorney today.

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