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Politician Charged with DUI


We elect them in part for their judgment and because we trust them. We give them our tax money and entrust them to make decisions that will impact our communities for decades to come. Which is why it is all the more shameful that a politician was arrested for driving under the influence, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. A field sobriety test revealed that the man had a blood alcohol content of nearly three times the legal limit – 0.21.

The man told police that he went to a hospital because he had pain in his ribs. There, the staff indicated that the man left their custody while under the influence of alcohol, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. He refused their treatment and went out into the night, all alone, ready to get behind the wheel, indicated a New York Criminal Lawyer. A hospital employee called the police to let them know the politician was driving, drinking, and a danger to the world.

Local officials are trying to determine if the man’s conduct violates their code of ethics, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. If it does they would be able to remove him from office. If not, what does it take? If a politician can drive drunk and remain in office, what else can he do? The man faces a $1000 fine and up to a year in jail. He could, in theory, go to jail for a year and still remain a councilman. The politician had no comment.

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