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Snipes Gets 3 Years for ‘Costly Mistakes’- Don’t Make The Mistake Of Not Hiring a Long Island Lawyer


After 10 years of fighting with the IRS, Wesley Snipes surprised prosecutors and handed over 15 million to the Government. Snipes had maintained for all this time that he owed nothing to Uncle Sam. Just before he was to be sentenced, The movie star came up with the cash which probably helped him avoid even more time than he got. His payment came in the form of three checks for 5 million each.

The agents for The IRS refused to take the cash at first. eventually they relented and took the money and got a three year stretch for Snipes who is a high profile criminal.

U.S. Attorney Robert O’Neill told reporters that this conviction sends a message to US tax payers. Whether you’re rich or poor, you have to pay. In a statement made outside the Florida courthouse O’Neill finished this way, “We all are obligated to come up with money to pay our fair share.”

Though Mr. Wesley was convicted of three counts of purposely failing to file returns, supporters claimed that this was a win for movement protesting the tax laws in our country. Snipes was got off on other charges, including felony tax fraud and conspiracy, he could have gotten 13 more years in jail.

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District Judge William Terrell Hodges said Snipes exhibited a “history of contempt over a period of time” for U.S. tax laws.

“In my mind these are serious crimes, albeit misdemeanors,” Hodges said.

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