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‘Dr. Phil’ Staff Bails Out Jailed Teen-If You’re Jailed, Get a Queens Criminal Lawyer


The “Dr. Phil” staff of his television show posted bail for a youngster who was incarcerated in Florida for being caught on a video taking part in the assault of one of his contemporaries. Dr. Phil’s rep did not deny that indeed this was the case. She confirmed that this was the situation on Saturday.

Employees of the show which is a popular afternoon show aided helped Mercades Nichols – who is one of the many teens facing charges in the case – post bond this weekend, an email stated.

Terri Corigliano is a spokeswoman for Dr. Phil. She claims that the show has aided guests in the past. The have helped people in various ways including monetary reimbursements for travel and clothing. She then said that the bail being paid was something which went above and beyond the call of duty and had never happened before.

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The teens, whose ages range from 14 to 18, face kidnapping and misdemeanor battery charges. Three also face a felony charge of witness tampering. The state attorney’s office says all will be tried as adults. They are accused of participating in a violent beating of another teenager, which was videotaped and has now been viewed widely on national television and the Internet.

A judge on Friday set bails ranging from $30,000 to $37,000 for the teenagers.

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