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A 30-year-old immigrant, married to an American woman, with a very young son, was arrested on September 28, 2009, taken from his family home in Durham, North Carolina, a New York Criminal Lawyer reported.

“I was scared, but in the back of my mind, I just felt that everything would eventually be OK because I was a citizen and he was married to me,” said the immigrant’s wife. She is a mental health therapist, born and raised in the United States.

It’s been more than a year and a half and every request for release on bond has been denied, thanks to two misdemeanor drug possession charges from 1998. The authorities feel these charges make him a flight risk, which means he stays in prison until they make a final decision, according to a Bronx Criminal Lawyer.

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A group of citizens told a New York Criminal Lawyer that a couple was blamed for having videotaped their toddler who is 23 months old and was allegedly smoking pot. The couple was arraigned in court for charges of negligence.

The police told reporters that they got a tip about the incident from an anonymous person. The Sheriff of the country went to the accused couple’s home and found the twenty year old mother and 24 year old father of the child. The police said that the video did, in fact, show that the toddler was smoking pot from a pipe. This incident occurred about three times. The pipe had residue of marijuana in it as seen on the video. The video has become the main evidence in the case and will be kept into evidence and not released.

The parents were charged for child cruelty and neglect. An investigation into the case was done and that was when the couple was officially charged. Both parents were not booked at the same time. The mother was brought into custody first and then the father surrendered the next day.

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A Police Officer told a New York Criminal Lawyer about the DUI incident with celebrity and former teen star, David Cassidy, who was a singer and actor during the 1970s. The Police Officer indicated that the star is assumed to be ready to enter a please of guilty. He also have the option of entering a please of no contest. The sentencing hearing took place a few months after the incident and David Cassidy was charged with a DUI not drug possession.

The Police Officer indicated that on the day of the sentencing, the Judge declared a postponement of the sentencing. However, his lawyer opted to have him enter a plea in written format for the DUI charges against him. The police report indicated that Mr. Cassidy could not stay in his lane and when stopped, the police found open alcohol containers in his vehicle, which was in violation of the law.

The Police Officer explained to the NY Criminal Lawyer, “David Cassidy was allowed to not appear at the hearing because it was a misdemeanor charge and his lawyer would stand on his behalf and enter the plea for him. “

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Investigators have seized the alleged client list of a retired chief probation officer after his arrest late last week, when he was charged with cocaine trafficking. The suspect was arraigned on Monday at the Dukes County Courthouse and pled not guilty to trafficking more than 28 grams of cocaine, a class-b-substance, according to court documents found by a New York City Criminal Lawyer.

The suspect’s ledger allegedly contained the names of 20 persons, along with corresponding coke order amounts and drug debts. The Sargent further revealed that police have been getting tips about the suspect “for years.”

The 65-year-old former probation officer was arrested by members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force and Oak Bluffs Police Department on Friday, March 18 at approximately 4:30 p.m., after they arrived, armed with a search warrant, to search the suspect’s property. Officers at the scene found 39 packages of cocaine on the suspect and on his property, and also found cutting agents used to package the cocaine, according to court records obtained by investigators from The Bronx and Westchester County.

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A drug pusher may have been one of the few Americans to actually benefit from the events of September 11, 2001, New York Criminal Lawyers have learned. But now, his luck has run out.

The drug dealer may have already been in prison but for the fact that the evidence gathered against him happened to be in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Now another charge has surfaced and he will serve a five-year sentence for bail jumping – something he did more than 16 years ago, in an appeals court ruling.

Back in 1994, the deal was already on probation when he was arrested for allegedly being one of the men behind a crack ring in the Bronx. He was allowed to go on $200,000 bail, then went into hiding. In order to stay hidden, he even burned off his own fingerprints, sources have stated.