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Robber sent to Prison for 14 Years Reports a Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer

After attacking, choking and beating a woman outside a nightclub was sentences to fourteen years in prison for his action. The man wasn’t exactly the smartest thief as he took the woman’s iPhone and used it and left his own cell phone at the sight of the attack. The victim accused the man of rape as well reports a Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer.

When authorities picked up the man, he indicated that he did indeed rob, choke and punch the woman and that he did take her cell phone. However, the man refused to admit that he had raped the woman as she had indicated. The victim was a 26-year-old student who was here to study English. According to Suffolk County Criminal Lawyers, the woman was walking alone on West 28t Street.

The woman was dragged behind a dumpster and almost strangled to death. The victim was apparently listening to music on her iPhone and did not hear the man approach her. The victim insisted she was also raped but the description she gave the authorities did not match that of Salva. According to New York Criminal Lawyers, the prosecutors dropped the rape charges against the man when the description the victim gave didn’t match the man when all of the other details were almost exact.

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