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Scooters are all the rage but they have different risks

They are all the rage in Italy and many European nations: scooters. Cute, reliable, fashionable, and cheap, scooters and becoming a go to source of transportation for many who live in big cities. Though they lack the practicality of a car, their cheap gas and easy use makes them ideal for many young professionals, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. Riders can choose from gas, electric, and hybrid combinations of scooters. However, with the growing use of scooters comes growing confusion. Riders do not always know what they can and can not do. They are often unaware that scooters can lead to DUI charges, nor are they aware that scooters can not simply be parked wherever and whenever, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. There are rules and regulations that differ all over the United States of America. Some require different licenses depending on whether or not you are riding on certain streets, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. For instance, highways are forbidden roads in some parts of the country unless a rider has displayed extra skills. In that sense, scooters can be treated like motorcycles.

More than just the law is the possibility of theft, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. Scooters are easy to steal. All a crook needs to do is cut the chain and walk away with the bike, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. In big cities, where everyone is watching everything but no one ever sees anything, stealing a scooter can take seconds. Sure, scooters may not cost as much as a car but they can still be worth several thousand dollars.

If your scooter has been stolen or you’ve been charged with a driving related problem, contact a New York Criminal Attorney today.

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