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Simpson Petitions Court for New Hearing

He beat a murder rap once but earlier this year famed football player and former movie star OJ Simpson was finally convicted of something. After a break in at a Las Vegas hotel, Simpson was found to be involved in a criminal enterprise, one that robbed men of their possessions, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. Simpson claimed that the objects belonged to him – that he was simply reclaiming lost property. The incident happened back in two thousand and seven. Now, Simpson and his attorneys are seeking a new trial. But, in order to get a new trial they must first file for a rehearing and such a filing typically must happen within a certain number of days, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. However, Simpson’s lawyers have asked for and been granted an extension by their judge. This extension will give them additional time to formulate a reason and a plan of attack whereas it concerns getting a new trial, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. That said, such grants are generally not given: once a trial is done, unless there was a gross miscarriage of justice or the judge feels due process was not adequately adhered to, the trial is over and the guilty go to jail.

Simpson was a star football player for years. He was a star in college and in the NFL for decades. After that, he made the transition to the silver screen where he was a star in the popular Naked Gun film franchise. In the early 90s he beat a murder rap after being tried for the death of his ex-wife and her lover.

Just because a trial is over does not mean that all hope is lost for the guilty. A skilled New York Criminal Attorney can help protect your rights even after conviction.

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