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Small Town Mayor Guilty of Beating Wife,


He would grab her fingers, hold them tightly the way a bear holds a fish, force them into the frame of the door, reach back his other hand, and slam the mighty wooden door into her fingers. Wood and metal came crashing into her tiny hands, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. Then, he would grab a pot of tea, fresh of the scalding hot burner, and whip it at her. Pouring and dousing her in flesh burning water. And after that was all done, he would go to work as a rising political star and Mayor of a small town, said a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Today, he has been convicted of five of nine charges, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. Perhaps most astonishing is that he refuses to quit. He has said he will not leave his post, that the townspeople will quite literally have to throw him out of office, stated a New York Criminal Lawyer. He puffs his chest out and declares that he has done nothing wrong, that the justice system which he was happy to be Mayor of, has failed and is wrong.

More sickening it that the Mayor tried to use his political power to ruin her reputation. He put out reports that she was money hungry and was trying to blackmail him, indicated a New York Criminal Lawyer. A judge saw through the lies and convicted him anyways. This time, the powerful were brought to their knees to face the swift feeling of justice.

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