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Suspects in Prostitution Ring Taken Into Custody Reports NYC Criminal Lawyers

A tip to police on the Westside of New York indicated that a prostitution ring was being run from an apartment there. After a brief stake out, the police arrested three individuals. An undercover officer entered the apartment and was given the choice of two women of different ethnic backgrounds. The officer left after telling the man he wasn’t interested right then but that he would return later. NYC Criminal Lawyers report that the officer returned and met two individuals from Queens.

When the officers returned, he paid thirty dollars and was told to take one of the women into a bedroom. Police raided the building and arrested all three of the individuals. NYC Criminal Lawyers can be reached and hired to help anyone who is charged with a crime.

In this particular case, one person was charged with promoting prostitution. New York Criminal Lawyers indicate that the man already had two outstanding warrants against him. The two women were both charged with prostitution.

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