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Teen Busted for ‘Gangsta Grandma’ Video – If You’re Busted in New York City Get a Queens Criminal Attorney.


An eighteen year old faces a charge of abusing an old person he’s accused of harassing his barely competent grandmother by forcing her to put on a black mask and threateningly wield a pistol. He was making a video for his sick amusement. Law enforcement official in Lake Worth, Fla., say the Grandma is ranting and raving about killing cops. The woman is in her mid eighties and obviously had no idea what was happening or what she was saying or doing.

Michael Alfinez who is the teenage perpetrator was apprehended this week and charged with the crime as described above. firing a weapon in public and improper wielding of a deadly weapon.
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Cops in Lake Worth stopped the suspect’s car in Palm Beach County and confiscated the video during a search of the car in January.

Alfinez’s mother was at a loss to explain her son’s behavior. She says that it all must be a mistake and a misunderstanding.

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