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Tennessee Implements DUI Interlock Device as Mandatory for First Time Offenders


It used to be that first time offenders would be let off the hook, or at least given some amount of lenience for drinking and driving. But Tennessee law enforcement realizes that letting first time offenders off with a warning seems to only encourage second time offenders, remarks a New York Criminal Lawyer. Now, getting pulled over and charged with a DWI is going to make your life a lot more difficult, even if it is your first offense. 

Going into effect is the mandatory DUI Interlock Device, and yes, the very first time you get caught, according to the New York Criminal Lawyer. The Interlock Device is a gadget that hooks up to your steering column. In order to start your vehicle you are first required to blow into the device and prove that you are not driving with an elevated blood alcohol content. 

No one wants the inconvenience of having to blow into a machine in order to go anywhere in your car, said the NY Criminal Lawyer, and the social implications of having to do so prohibit people from ever wanting to have that device locked onto their vehicle. It is the hope that this new mandatory procedure will be more of a deterrent than anything else. The intention is to keep people from driving drunk in the first place. 

Evidence suggests that the DUI Interlock Devices have been very successful in deterring drunk driving, according to the N York Criminal Lawyer. It remains to be seen how many of these new devices the Tennessee Police Department is going to be using in the upcoming year. 

The penalties and fines for driving under the influence are severe.

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