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Accused Killer Represents Himself in Hospital Lawsuit,


Violent crimes are not always the result of a disturbed mind. This is the stance that is being taken in regards to an accused killer who is waiting to stand trial for murder, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. The accused is representing himself in his own murder trial, provided that he is found competent. 

Last April a respected doctor gunned down his colleague after stalking him. The victim was a Yale doctor and he was shot in the face at point blank range in front of his wife and his three year old son, reports the NY Criminal Lawyer. The two physicians had apparently conflicted in the past and had confrontations that, the accused maintains, led up to the devastating events of that April evening. 

As fundamentally wrong as his actions may have been, the victim insists that he was fired from his position at a Brooklyn hospital after mounting tensions with his colleague, the New York Criminal Lawyer said. The accused had filed a discrimination lawsuit against the hospital prior to the murder, insisting that prejudice and malice were inflicted upon him even before he lost his job. 

The accused maintains that all of these circumstances led to his life falling apart, and ultimately to the shooting death for which he is now awaiting trial, reports the N York Criminal Lawyer. The judge is reviewing the information to determine whether or not the accused is capable of representing himself in court, an action that is rarely seen today.  

Not everyone understands the legalities of our judiciary system.

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