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Terrorist or Criminal? The Debate Continues.


The news that the accused Times Square bomber was read his rights has restarted the controversy over whether terror suspects should be treated as enemy combatants or as criminals, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer.
“The Supreme Court has held there’s no constitutional obligation to give him Miranda rights,” Rep. Pete King (R-Long Island) told a NY Criminal Lawyer. He was referencing the right to remain silent and have legal representation. The alleged bomber, Faisal Shahzad, “should be interrogated as much as possible and we should get every last bit of information out of him,” Representative King continued.
According the White House, the Pakistan-born Shahzad was first interrogated by law enforcement and intelligence officials under what is known as a “ticking time bomb” exception to the Miranda laws. Only then was he offered Miranda rights. Sources in the administration tell New York Criminal Lawyers that Shahzad continued to cooperate, even after that.
King and others have charged that was not good enough and Shahzad requires more interrogation by intelligence agents.“If they [investigators] make a judgment that this was a terrorist act, then person should be turned over the military,” Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
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