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The Fight for a Victims’ Bill Goes on


The Albany bill that would have allowed alleged sex abuse victims to bring forth decades-old cases has been killed, but New York Criminal Lawyers have learned politicians and advocacy groups intend to bring it back again. The bill died recently when it was voted down by a State Senate committee.
Advocates for the bill felt they had the best chance since both houses and the Governor were Democrats, but the bill still did not pass the State Senate. It has passed the State Assembly three times.
“It is a sad commentary that opposing senators in the Codes Committee acted to derail that hope,” an Assemblywoman said to a New York Criminal Lawyer. “They acted instead to protect pedophiles who have raped and sodomized children by preventing the full Senate from debating this legislation.”
Prominent opponents to the bill state that the bill could have posed great financial harm to churches, school districts, and local governments. “This bill would have had catastrophic consequences for property taxpayers across the state with the expected flood of lawsuits against public school districts, counties, cities, and towns,” one of the bill’s major opponents told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
Both sides agree the bill is sure to return when the next session of the Assembly and Senate begins in January.
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