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The Effects and Safety of Kombucha


Kombucha is a powerfully stimulating fermented tea that has been taken as a healing elixir for thousands of years. Its medicinal benefits are well known and well documented, though it has recently come under scrutiny with the FDA and other agencies, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. Kombucha has antibiotic and antioxidant properties, and has even been shown to have anticancer effects. So why is something that is supposedly this good for you being held under the watchful eye of government officials?

The New York Criminal Lawyer reports that Kombucha has been shown to have a high enough alcohol content, in some instances, to rival that of beer. The fermented tea is sold commercially, but a growing number of people are choosing to brew this bubbly beverage at home. It has been found that some of the commercial varieties of Kombucha can continue producing alcohol after being bottled, says the New York Criminal Lawyer, meaning that by the time it reaches the mouths of the consumer, which could be anyone, it not only has healing effects, but also stimulation of a more intoxicating kind, however slight it may be.

There are those who claim that Kombucha has an almost addictive affect on people who drink it regularly. Some people have even used Kombucha to wean themselves off of alcohol. Still, is this such a bad thing? Is the percentage of alcohol in this ancient brew too much for the underage consumer to have access to? Further investigation will be reveal the answers. But for now, health conscious consumers who drink commercially bottled Kombucha might be seeing less and less of it on store shelves as store owners choose to bow out of the drama.

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