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Denny Hecker pulls another outrageous stunt, New York Criminal Lawyers Report


Bankrupt former auto tycoon Denny Hecker, who is $767 million in debt, recently admitted to impersonating a former business friend while he placed a bid on his own 2006 Harley Davidson at his bankruptcy auction in May of this year, according to New York Criminal Lawyers. “It’s good to know that when push comes to shove, bankrupt auto failure Denny Hecker has a firm grasp on what’s really important in life. Like his Harley Davidson.” said writer Hart Van Denburg, in a recent news blog.

Other items available at the auction included several of his speedboats, snowmobiles and his Cadillac Escalade golf cart. According to New York Criminal Lawyers, Hecker’s checks for the auction items he tried to buy back just bounced.

The Radde of Radde & Sons Auction House in New Germany estimates Hecker’s assets have raised a little less a million dollars in its five auctions. New York Criminal Lawyers, however project that auctions and sales of Hecker’s assets have brought in about $2.5 million.

Hecker’s watches alone have earned nearly $300,000 one of which is a diamond-infested Rolex worth more than $24,000. With all of these earnings experts project Hecker wouldn’t even make a dent in his current debt amount of $767 million.

Hecker, who currently resides in Sherburne County Jail, is facing charges of federal fraud and conspiracy charges and is due to be sentenced early next year, according to New York Criminal Lawyers. It has been predicted Hecker will spend time in federal prison not long after the sentencing.

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