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Longhorns Basketball Player Arrested for DWI


A Longhorns basketball player was arrested by Austin police for driving while intoxicated. The Longhorns coach has suspended the player indefinitely until the matter is cleared. It is unknown how long it will take for the judicial system to pass its judgment and what the consequences will be for the basketball player, reports a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer.
The player was set to play in a game against Iowa State University, but was suspended and unable to play. A spokesperson for the Longhorn’s does not know when the suspension will end and does not know when the coach will address the issue. In the meantime, the Longhorns will continue to play their best in upcoming games.
Even though the player has been arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, a trial and evidence such as breathalyzer test or testimony from arresting officers are necessary to determine if the player broke any laws. The coach still saw fit to suspend the player however until a legal outcome is presented. The Longhorn’s coach is not commenting much on the events surrounding the player’s driving while intoxicated charge and is instead waiting until more information becomes available, says a NYC Criminal Lawyer. The player may be asked to return to the game after taking a few games off or the player may be suspended for the rest of the season.
Up until the player’s suspension, he appeared in all Longhorn basketball games and was apparently an asset to the team. Suspending a player is never an easy decision to make, but the coach may not have had much choice depending on the regulations pertaining to player behavior. The coach may be able to reinstate the player at his discretion after a certain number of games, tells a NYC Criminal Lawyer, but this action has not been made official.
It is unknown whether the player was under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance at the time of his arrest as a charge of driving while intoxicated may mean a variety of things. Further information may be provided once the player is allowed to discuss the incident or whether the coach decides to hold a press conference to inform the public. The spokesperson for the Longhorns says more information may become available over the next few days as the coach prepares a statement. Those who drive impaired in Long Island or Staten Island will be prosecuted with vigor if attested.

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