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The subject is Drivers License Suspension


Most people who experience Driver’s License Suspension are often surprised. Sometimes the first they learn of this problem is when they are arrested. Unfortunately, ignorance of this fact is not a defense. Pursuant to New York Vehicle and Traffic Law, Section 511, if your license is suspended (depending on the circumstances and how many there are) it is possible that you could be charged with a Felony. This crime can happen rather simply; if you have received a moving violation ticket and either do not respond appropriately, and/or fail to go to court when required, or you do not to pay a fine, your license can be suspended. If this scenario has happened to you, call a New York Drivers License Suspension Lawyer. You will require guidance and legal advice to straighten out your legal affairs and ultimately, protect your rights.

This problem can arise fairly easily for the above referenced reasons; however, it is important to remember that commonly the DMV will mail you a letter notifying you that your license is in danger of being revoked. Commonly when people get into to trouble it is because they have moved and do not notify the DMV of the address change. When you do not receive this important notification, and consequently fail to take any appropriate action, your license will be suspended. Often the first you will hear of it is when you are facing an unexpected arrest due to a minor traffic stop. Your Traffic Attorney will be able to explain to you that regardless of why your license actually went into suspension, not being aware of this situation will not help you in terms of a defense strategy.

The District Attorney will look at the number of suspensions to determine what charge you will receive. As an example, if you receive four traffic citations and fail to address them, each ticket counts as a suspension. These four suspensions cannot be lifted until each and every ticket is dealt with, preferably with the assistance of a Staten Island Criminal Lawyer. Additionally, a total of four suspensions will grant you a Misdemeanor charge, which is punishable by incarceration. Be advised that if you have a total of ten suspensions you will be charged with a Felony. Another popular way to receive this violation is to obtain 11 points (or more) for moving violations on your driving record (within an 18 month period). If you know you have acquired 11 points or more, it is important that you call a New York Traffic Lawyer to help you fight this matter.

Today having a valid driver’s license is paramount to functioning in a mobile society. If your license has been suspended, call a New York Driver’s License Suspension Lawyer who can help you fight your case and restore you license.

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