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Thieves Leaving Behind DNA Are Caught According to a NYC Criminal Lawyer

The suspect of a home burglary near Sheepshead Bay was arrested after his DNA as pulled from a crowbar, which was left at the home on Ford Street near Voorhies Avenue in November. NYC Criminal Lawyers see a various array of suspects and watch as suspects make mistakes that lead to their arrest often. This suspect allegedly took jewelry, including gold watches and diamond earrings.

Since the suspect left behind the crowbar used in the break-in, the people living in the home called authorities as son as they arrived back at home. NYC Criminal Lawyers will be faced with the DNA match from a criminologist, which led to the suspect’s arrest.

The suspect in this particular case will need all the help he can get in his attempt to defend himself in what looks like a open and shut case. Good representation is essential to give the suspect the best chance of proving himself innocent or at least getting him off with the lightest sentence possible. Only a competent New York Criminal Lawyer can help one reach this objective.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates and its New York Criminal Lawyers and convenient locations in the New York Area including Huntington Station, NY can be very helpful to you if you find yourself involved in a criminal prosecution. Facing charges without a New York Criminal Lawyer is a losing option.