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Third Officer Speaks Up in Shooting in New Orleans Post Hurricane Katrina Reports New York Criminal Lawyers

Two officers are already serving time in a fatal police shooting that left two dead and four others wounded just days after Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on New Orleans. And now, in a very detailed story, another officer pleads guilty. The officer left the New Orleans police last week reports New York Criminal Lawyers.

The officer indicated that one officer was firing an assault rifle in a sweeping motion and wounded several civilians that were already lying on the ground. He then continued to explain how the other officer shot one of the victims in the back with a shotgun. The man shot in the back was deemed mentally handicapped and was beaten as he lay dying on the ground according to New York Criminal Lawyers.

The officer pleaded guilty to conspiracy to obstruct justice and concealing crimes and then acknowledged that he too fired shots at the civilians. He did state that none of the civilians that he shot at were armed. He also admits to covering up the details of the crime when the other two officers entered pleas reportNew York Criminal Lawyers.

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