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Football player absolved of assault charge, so states a NY Criminal Lawyer

A player for the NFL team, Pittsburg Steelers, will not face sexual assault charges after an encounter with a college student in a nightclub that occurred on March 5th. The young lady accused the man of attacking her in the Milledgeville, GA club Capital City. Because the allegation could not be proven beyond all reasonable doubt, the 20 year old decided not to proceed with charges; therefore no arrest was made according to a NY Criminal Lawyer. Her primary statement was that the man had been drinking with his friends after his birthday celebration then assaulted her, but she was found to be heavily inebriated and investigators found the results of her rape kit to prove inconclusive. The Ocmulgee Circuit DA stated that the actions of the man that night were not being condoned, but morals are not prosecuted, crimes are. With all current evidence being considered, it cannot be determined that an actual crime took place therefore this case will not proceed any further, says a NY Criminal Lawyer. The football player has another fight to contend with, as he has also been sued by a different woman claiming he raped her at a hotel and casino in Lake Tahoe in 2008. He denies this accusation and no criminal charges have been brought forth in that case either. Investigation into this case is still pending. It is unclear to NY Criminal Injury Lawyers what effect, if any, these allegations and proceedings will have on his future in the NFL.

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