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Times Square Bomber Gets Life Sentence


Naturalized U.S. citizen Faisal Shahzad was given a life sentence in prison for driving a vehicle full of bombs into New York’s Time Square, sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer. There is no parole in the federal penal system.
“The defendant has repeated expressed his total lack of remorse and his desire, if given the opportunity, to repeat the crime,” the judge said. “Allahu Akbar,” Shahzad replied in Arabic. The words mean “God is great”. The 31-year-old Shahzad was born in Pakistan.
Shahzad worked with the Taliban in Pakistan and was in a terrorist training camp only months before he became an American citizen, according to New York Criminal Lawyers. When asked by the judge about the oath of allegiance he took to become an American citizen, Shahzad said, “I did swear, but I did not mean it.”
He began the proceedings by saying, “If I’m given 1,000 lives I will sacrifice them all for the life of Allah.” Shahzad pleaded guilty and said at the time that his attack was vengeance for the deaths of Muslims. He denounced the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
“The past nine years, the war with Muslims has achieved nothing for the U.S. except that it has awakened Muslims from their slumber. We are only trying to defend our religion, our people, our honor, and our land. If you call us terrorist for doing that, then we are proud terrorist, and we will keep on terrorizing until you leave our land and our people at peace.”
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