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Woman Rams Car Past Police


The police used their cars to corner a driver in a Long Island parking lot, but that didn’t stop her from escaping, police sources informed a New York Criminal Lawyer. She merely used her vehicle to ram through the impromptu barricade.
Police sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer that the 41-year-old woman almost ran down a number of officers late one afternoon, setting off a frantic chase that started in Deer Park and continued for 11 minutes until she was arrested, several towns away. “She hit the police cars, pushed them out of the way and kept going,” a Suffolk County police lieutenant told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
The woman was being sought after for a parole violation and arrested in North Lindenhurst. After her arraignment, she was held on an unspecified amount of bail. One of the officers in one of the cars struck by the fleeing suspect’s Ford Taurus sustained a neck injury. The officer was taken to the hospital, where he was deemed to be in stable condition.
It is not yet known to New York Criminal Lawyers how the woman violated the conditions of her parole, but it is known that she has been arrested many times, for reasons ranging from robbery to burglary to drugs to car theft.
She was stopped originally for running a stop sign. She then drove off when the cop walked her paperwork back to his squad car. The woman was charged with 18 traffic citations and counts of second-degree assault and resisting arrest.
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