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Tom Coughlin’s Blackmailer is Charged-Needs A Queens Criminal Lawyer


Tom Coughlin turned two threatening letters he received last month from Herbert Alex Simpson over to the NFL, which passed them on to the FBI.

A man said to be from Philadelphia is facing serious prison time. He tried to shakedown NY Football Giants coach Tom Coughlin, claiming that the coach was involved in a sexual scene with two women, the Department of Justice said. The blackmailer was trying to seed revenge against two former co-workers.

According to the US Attorney in the “city of brotherly love,” Herbert Alex Simpson, 30, was charged with criminal illegal use of the US Postal System. Simpson was hoping that authorities would link the mail to his two former co-workers and that they would be blamed and arrested. The targets have not been identified by police or attorneys.

Coughlin reported to the FBI that he received a letter on July 30, from two women who identified themselves with aliases. They claimed to have had sex with Coughlin while his team was playing The Eagles in December. Unless he paid them $10,000-$15,000 each, the women threatened to make the tryst public.

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In Albany,where The Giants are in training for the upcoming season of NFL competition, Coughlin stated that said he was ignorant of the fact that Simpson had been charged.

Berry interviewed the two women and they testified that they had no contact with Coughlin and have a thing to do with the correspondence in question. They each identified the handwriting on the letters as that of Simpson. He was the same man who had previously written threatening letters.

When interviewed by the FBI, Simpson owned up to penning the letters to Coughlin. Simpson said he made up the whole thing because he was seeking revenge against the two women with whom he had issues which were related to his employment. He said he never intended for Coughlin to actually read the bogus mail. He also claimed that he didn’t want to the coach’s family.

A U.S. Attorney said that because of the nature of the threats his office took the case very seriously.

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