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University of Virginia Lacrosse Player Dead, Another in Jail Reports a Westchester Criminal Lawyer

Yeardly Love was a 22-year-old lacrosse player at the University of Virginia. Now, a lacrosse player from the men’s team at the University of Virginia sits in jail awaiting a hearing in June. Westchester Criminal Lawyers may be needed as one young woman’s body is undergoing an autopsy and another faces murder charges. Ms. Love’s body is said to have undergone physical trauma. George Huguely allegedly busted down Ms. Love’s bedroom door, shook her causing her head to hit the wall repeatedly. Then, he took her computer and left. A Westchester Criminal Lawyer says that Ms. Love’s roommate found her and initially suspected alcohol poisoning.

Authorities ruled out alcohol poisoning when the evidence of physical trauma was discovered. No one has yet to determine why Mr. Huguely took her computer but some suspect that it contained death threats made by him to Ms. Love. It’s cases like this one where a New York Criminal Lawyer can be of tremendous help.

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