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Unusual Drinking While Not Driving Case Makes Headlines


Just when you thought you had heard it all, along comes a case with an unusual twist recounted a New York Criminal Lawyer. In this case, a man was found drunk and in the driver’s seat, but, had not been driving.
The man, who had been arrested, had always stuck to his story that he was not drinking and driving and in fact, when he slid off an icy road on the way home, he was stone cold sober. He texted his girlfriend and told her he had crashed, grabbed a bottle of brandy he along with him in the car and drank it to stay warm. He figured it would be a good thing to do while he was waiting for help to get out of his predicament.
Two hours after he had crashed, rescue crews arrived and found him unresponsive. When they tested his blood alcohol content, it was 0.148. He was arrested and charged with DUI explained the New York Criminal Lawyer. During his trial the whole story was retold and when the jury retired to deliberate, they found for driver. Good thing too, otherwise he would have spent a year in the clink and been hit with a fine of $1,000.
This story could just as easily have been about a man totally blotted out of his mind with drink, sliding off the road into the ditch. That has happened. Those charged with DUI need a good NY Criminal Lawyer on their side to help them navigate their way through the justice system. It’s not easy and if you don’t have an experienced lawyer helping you, the consequences could be far worse than you may imagine.

DUI offenses are no laughing matter, despite what you may think and without an experienced New York Criminal Attorney helping handling your case, you just may wind up spending time in jail. If you want to keep your license and possibly pay a lesser fine, you can’t do that without hiring a New York Criminal Attorney.

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