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Family faces charges of Illegal Re-Entry to the US


A 43-year old mother of an alleged 14-year-old assassin for a Mexican drug cartel was recently charged with entering the United States illegally, according to New York Criminal Lawyers.

The suspect and her husband were arrested and taken from their apartment of eight years to be federally charged with illegal re-entry after previous deportation according to local police reports.

The mother was originally deported back in 1997 for possession of rock cocaine according to police reports. There is no record of her applying for permission back into the States, New York Criminal Lawyers affirmed. Her husband was also previously deported in May of 2002.

It is not yet known what prompted the arrest, but New York Criminal Lawyers related that the couple was arrested in front of their other elementary school-aged children, who were taken from the couple at the scene.

The 14-year old alleged assassin, who has admitted to participating in at least four beheadings, is being held in a protected location while Mexican Authorities search for evidence of citizenship and other details. The boy was reportedly born in San Diego.

His two older sisters are being held in a Mexico City detention facility for one month while authorities continue to investigate their possible ties to organized crime, New York Criminal Attorneys explained.

In a related story, three suspects were arrested this week for possibly working for the same drug gang located in the central Mexican city of Cuernavaca. Arresting army troops were led to an area where suspects allegedly buried at least two of their homicide victims.

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