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Web Scams and Internet Con Artists Pose as Securities Investor Reports a NY Criminal Lawyer

With the onslaught of more and more companies doing business online, consumers and Internet junkies must beware of bogus Web sites attempting to obtain confidential information. NY Criminal Lawyers report with the Securities Investor Protection Corporation warn that someone set up a bogus account and attempted to get clients of Bernard Madoff to hand off private details.

Basically this site, and many others like it, mimic legitimate agencies then poses as part of the International Securities Investor Protection Corporation by offering the unknowing victims a chance to apply for a $1.3 billion in cash recovered from a Madoff “hideout”. NY Criminal Lawyers warn Internet users that this particular group claims to be based in Geneva but records show the site to be registered to an address in Nigeria.

And now, New York Criminal Lawyers will join forces with the SIPC and try to have the site shut down. And in case the entire issue of a “Madooff” scheme is new, Madoff is serving time in prison for orchestrating a plan that wiped out life savings and entire charities.

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