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Spring Time Increases the Number of Bicycle Thefts Reports New York Criminal Lawyers

A man left his bike, ran inside an office building for a pick-up and sense the errand was suppose to be quick, he didn’t lock up his bright orange bike because he thought it would just slow him down. Instead, he used a fake lock as a decoy. New York Criminal Lawyers indicate that the man has been working as a messenger for 5 years and that the turnaround time for this kind of job is about thirty seconds.

This man, in particular, watched his bike through a large window and was getting agitated when the packages was finally handed over. And in the flash, the bike was gone. He initially thought that someone was just joking with him and he looked around for his bike thinking that he would hear the sound of his peers laughing as his bike was returned.

New York Criminal Lawyers report that as spring rings in the warm weather, the bikes come out but so do the thieves. And, police have even been watching a few shops that regularly buy stolen bikes. But this messenger losing his bike is just a sign that the thieves are still in action.

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