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Woman Drives Under Influence, Crashes into House


Drinking and driving is a serious offense and it is an infinitely dangerous activity. It causes property damage, physical and emotional damage and death in the worst cases, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. While intoxicated, an individual is impaired by alcohol and its effects on the body, culminating in a loss of coordination and the ability to safely drive an automobile. 

Someone should have told the 26 year old woman who drove her car into a house that drinking and driving increase the risk of danger associated with driving exponentially. Perhaps she would have stayed home that night instead of plowing her car through someone else’s living room. A NY Criminal Attorney reported that the woman was apparently driving under the influence of alcohol when she lost control of her Lincoln and it went careening off of the road, smashing into a house in a residential neighborhood. 

The NYC Criminal Lawyer revealed that the room that the car crashed into was occupied by one of the residents of the household, but no injuries were sustained by them in the accident. The woman who was behind the wheel was charged with DWI, operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and operating a motor vehicle to endanger. She was also charged for marked lane violations. 

According to the Manhatan Criminal lawyer, after the accident the woman was taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries that were not life threatening and subsequently released into police custody. No information regarding the damages done to the house has been made available. 

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