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Teen Drinking and Driving Laws Not Strict Enough


According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, even though our nation seems to be targeting teens in drinking and driving campaigns across the country, the laws seem to be on the side of the teens themselves and often give way to leniency in favor of the teen. Young people who are driving under the influence are often only chastised and sent home when they are found to be driving under the influence of alcohol. 

The New York Criminal Attorney reported that he has seen many instances where the youth may get a punishment of having to attend a juvenile drinking class or perhaps a citation, but that the punishment ends there, because they are not adults and cannot go to jail. Advocates say that if the first offense was actually adequately punished, it might deter teens from continuing to drink and drive in the future. 

According to reports by the New York City Criminal Lawyer, many of the teens who are charged with a minor in possession of alcohol, whether they are driving or not, are deferred to municipal courts and not seen as criminal. On the one hand it seems fitting that one should not be crucified for a first offense, but studies show that people who get away with drinking and driving will often continue to drink and drive. 

In order to make our roadways safer for all, said the New York Criminal Lawyer, we must find a way to bridge the gap between the extreme leniency being shown to young people and the harsh, heavy handed punishment that advocates are hoping for.

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