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Woman Forging Prescription Asks for Rehab Says a New York Criminal Lawyer

Miss Russia is a beautiful woman who seemingly had it all. The one thing she apparently didn’t have was a physician who was willing to enable her habit. As it appears, Miss Russia is addicted to the prescription drug Vicodin. According to a number of New York Criminal Lawyers, the young woman was willing to forge prescriptions in order to receive the medication.

Lawyers for the young woman indicated that the woman was a user not a dealer. According to her lawyers, she was arrested for possessing Vicodin but not trafficking or distributing the drug. A New York Criminal Lawyer indicates that the prosecution has postponed a grand jury presentation.

The 1998 beauty queen allegedly took prescription pads from her physician’s office and then forged his signature for 85 pills. The beauty queen was a physician in Russia but does not have a license to practice in New York. According to New York Criminal Lawyers, the woman has asked to be sent to a rehabilitation service rather than prison.

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