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Former Baseball Player Charged with DUI Homicide


A night out with friends, a few drinks, and a drive home. It happens every day, all across the nation. And while it often times can result in no harm and no foul sometimes disastrous events result. And disaster is the best way to describe what happened to the family of the young, thirty year old mother of two. While driving under the influence of alcohol is often seen through the eyes of the driver, with the focus being on his license being lost and the social stigma, in this case it was the beautiful mother of two that lost her life, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. Her life, gone forever, a light snuffed out with the same effort that one uses to throw back another beer. A careless, stupid mistake and a moment later she’s dead and he’s in jail.

The driver was former New York Yankee’s pitcher Jim Leyritz, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. A decorated career, ruined, a legacy forever tainted, all because of one foolish evening. Jury selection began on his case, says a New York Criminal Lawyer. The potential jurors were spoken to one at a time by the judge. They were asked questions about their personal background: who they were, where they’re from, if they’d heard of the case, the victim, or the defendant, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. Lawyers for each side will have an opportunity to ask questions and removed a jurors they aren’t comfortable with.

All this because of a bad mistake on one night.

DUI’s a serious matters and often ruin the lives of everyone involved. If you find yourself charged with a DUI you should contact a New York Criminal Defense Attorney

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