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Bronx Judge Denies Gambling Charges

A Bronx judge continues to deny allegations of gambling addiction, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. It is also alleged that he is the target of loansharks who are known to hurt people who don’t pay them. If he is in danger, the judge and his lawyer refuse to say whether he owed $500,000 to the Queens woman who claimed he owed her the cash.
The woman sued the judge, and he did not show up to work the next day. She claims he borrowed the money from her to avoid being pursued by the loansharks he owed. The judge’s lawyer has said his client will fight the suit.
“[He] is not a gambler and has never been a gambler,” the lawyer said. “He’s never had a relationship with a loanshark.” He described the 57-year-old judge as a “social acquaintance” of the Queens woman, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. They attended law school at SUNY at the same time.
It is her claim that the judge started borrowing money from her in the late 1980s, saying that “loansharks would soon break my legs and hurt my children.” Even when the debt reached half a million dollars, “the defendant continues his illicit gambling, subsidizing his losses with his NYS paycheck,” a New York Criminal Lawyer has learned.
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