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Man With Fake Gun At a School Shot By Authorities Reports a New York City Criminal Lawyer


The rules and regulations regarding guns and various places of business are clearer now than ever before. Alcohol sales as well as the ability of a convicted sex offender to choose a place to live are all under scrutiny as we face more difficult times. New York City Criminal Lawyers report that police shot a twenty-two-year-old man after pointing a fake gun at an officer.

New York City Criminal Lawyers report that law enforcement officials identified the man shortly after school dismissed. Someone had apparently called 911 to report that a man with a gun was at the school. Obviously with the circumstances surrounding the various shootings at schools across the nation in recent years, this situation was treated very seriously and the officer proceeded with caution.

The man apparently showed the fake gun to two adults and that no children were ever in danger. However, when the officer arrived on the scene, the man pointed the fake pistol at him. The officer reacted by firing three rounds, which struck the man in the neck, torso and arm. The imitation pistol was silver and the barrel was inscribed with “Zebra-II”.

New York Criminal Lawyers report that the man was transported to the hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after 4 PM. Authorities are investigating the shooting as well as why the man would even take part in such a stunt in the first place. The officer’s identity has not been released but he is still on duty.

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