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A Queens Imam given wrist slap, according to Queens Criminal Lawyer


An Imam from Queens was sentenced to only four days in jail which he had already
served for lying to FBI agents. The imam had been serving as an NYPD informant and
pleaded guilty to telling an Afghanistan immigrant that he was under investigation,
reports a Queens Criminal Lawyer. The immigrant, along with three co-conspirators,
were plotting to kill hundreds with homemade backpack bombs by detonating them in
the subways of Manhattan during rush hour. This knowledge caused the immigrant to
abort his plan, dispose of his materials for bomb, and left the city, which alerted two
other suicide bombers that they too were being watched, compromising the integrity of
the operation. In the plea arrangement, the imam will also have ninety days in which to
leave the United States, says a Queens Criminal Lawyer. He is not allowed to ever
return. He will be leaving behind a successful funeral parlor in Queens, as well as a wife,
children, and his elderly parents. New York Criminal Lawyers state that all of the
bombers that were being investigated by the FBI were trained by al Queda. The imam’s
attorney claims that he did everything he could to help law enforcement and it was not
him but the FBI that tipped off the bomber. Prosecutors, of course, disagree with this
profession. The imam, also Afghan-born, revealed to the immigrant that federal agents
had his phones tapped and warned him to not involve himself in the “nonsense” in
Afghanistan and Iraq. At this time, the imam does not know where he will go, but has
hopes that some country will be willing to take him in. He does not have plans to return
to Afghanistan.

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