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Vehicular Manslaughter is charged after a car crash reports a Suffolk Criminal Lawyer

A Suffolk County Court Judge received a guilty plea from a Smithtown man on a14-count indictment, one of which was aggravated vehicular manslaughter. A mother of two children under the age of nine, also from Smithtown, was killed by the man who was driving while intoxicated. The man had consumed five or six vodka drinks at two bars, after having taken Xanax earlier that day. He was northbound on Route 25A in his Chevy Silverado pickup truck when he crossed over the center line into the path of the young mother. The two vehicles hit head on. The driver of the truck admitted his negligence caused the accident, so statements from possible witnesses will most likely be unnecessary. The man is out on bond until his sentencing on June 9. The judge promised the man, in exchange for his plea, to a prison term of no more than 5 to 15 years. According to a Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer, the maximum sentence if he had received a trial conviction would have been 8 1/3 to 25 years. This was not his first time facing DWI charges, as he had been previously convicted of driving while impaired in 1988 and in 1999. He has remained sober since the accident, however. The children of the crash victim are the ones that quite possibly have been most affected by this incident, says a Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer, and will require the support of the family. It was not reported if the children’s father is going to be assuming responsibility for them, or if the victim’s family will have to step in.

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