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Woman embezzles $34 million over 11 years


Major corporations cycle billions of dollars in and out of their networks each year, recounts a New York Criminal Lawyer. They hire accountants, financial advisers and auditors to balance their finances and crunch the numbers. When one of those trusted auditors or advisers is not as forthcoming as the corporation expects, the losses could be substantial. 

Embezzlement happens with apparent ease, according to a woman who was stealing from her employer for 11 years, racking up a whopping $34 million dollar tally on expensive clothing, shoes, home repairs and even a new Mercedes. As reported by the N York Criminal Lawyer, no one ever noticed that the money was missing, except for the assistant to the woman who was doing the stealing. 

Apparently, that woman felt intimidated by her superior and did what she was told, never questioning the reasons why she was being given personal credit card bills to pay out of company money. The perpetrator who was pocketing the money claims that the first time she ever took money from the company, it was out of desperation to pay her bills, and that she had every intention of returning the money when she got back on her feet. 

The New York City Criminal Lawyer noted that repayment never occurred. Instead, the woman realized how easy it was to do and she continued to take money, first for smaller things, and later, for luxurious items, vacations and home renovations. After the owner of the company was alerted to fraudulent activity by a credit card company, the picture became clearer as to just how much she had stolen over the years. The woman admits that she thought she was going to be caught from the very beginning and she was surprised that it had taken so long for the owner of the company to catch on. 

Business owners, beware! Not every employee is as trusting as you would want to believe.

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