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Accused Murderer Wants Video Evidence Dismissed


Even a person who has done incalculable deeds has rights in this country and those rights deserve protection, stated a New York Criminal Lawyer. It is the basis for our judicial system that each of us are innocent until proven guilty and that information regarding our guilt or innocence must be obtained in a way that is legal and fair. 

A woman who has been charged with the death of her two year old toddler in 2008 is fighting to keep a video that was recorded against her knowledge out of court. The New York Criminal Lawyer reports that the methods used to record the woman’s reactions to the fact that the remains of her daughter had been found were not legal or fair, and that as a result the information obtained in the video should not be allowed to be used against her. 

Apparently, authorities set up what amounts to a video sting, said the New York Criminal Attorney, and this type of tactic has no place in a court of law. Whether or not the woman is found guilty of the terrible crime that she was charged with, the fact remains that authorities may not trick or manipulate a person and then record them without prior knowledge or consent in order to get information to use against them. 

According to the New York Criminal Lawyer, the basis of a fair trial is just that, fairness and respecting the legal rights of all of the individuals involved, even if those individuals may have taken the rights of another person away.

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