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Petition Gives First Time Teen Offenders a Second Chance


Teen drinking is an escalating problem in our society, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. The age that children routinely try alcohol has lowered in recent years. Studies show that teens start experimenting with alcohol as early as 13 in many cases, and this sets them up for a bad habit that can devastate them in the future. 

Fines and penalties for first offenses can stay on a teens permanent record and prohibit them from getting into college and getting jobs in the future. Are laws too strict when it comes to a first offense for a minor in possession? The NYC Criminal Lawyer suggests that scaring the teens straight right from the beginning might not be the answer to all of the problems associated with drinking as a minor. 

One answer is a petition in Boulder, Colorado to enable those teens who are charged with a minor in possession to be able to have their records sealed after one year, which would mean that they are not immediately blacklisted as an adult for something that they did when they were 14, claims the New York Criminal Lawyer.

Advocates of this petition agree that the courts should not punish someone eternally for making their first mistake, but that we should certainly make sure that once the first offense has happened an immediate course of actions should be taken. The NY City Criminal Lawyer explained that teens who are required to undergo teen drinking classes and community service as punishment for their mistake often come out of the experience with a greater awareness. 

Mistakes come with consequences, but they do not have to wreck your life.

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