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Should Law Enforcement Be Able to Check Immigration Status During A Traffic Stop


Police and law enforcement are pleased with the technological advancements that have made identifying criminals to be easier. From breathalyzer machines and tasers to computer based fingerprint scanners, they have technology on their side more and more, according to a NYC Criminal Lawyer. 

The easier it is to find out every bit of information that they can about a suspect, the more likely that person will be brought to justice if they have done something wrong, according to the New York Criminal Lawyer. But how far should local law enforcement be able to reach when they are looking for information? 

Now police in some states are given access to the Department of Homeland Securities Immigration and Customs Enforcement databases, which concerns many people who see the role of a local law enforcement officer as being important for securing the immediate safety and welfare of the public and not necessarily having the right or the responsibility to seek out terrorists in each routine traffic stop. 

The New York Criminal Lawyer added that just because police have these capabilities does not mean that they use them in every case. Officers asserted that though they had the capabilities to search, there was no need to do so until suspicion arose and that people need not be worried that they are being unfairly targeted. Just because technology extends so far into every aspect of life does not mean that it needs to be utilized in each and every case. In this instance, training and good judgment can and should be used.

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