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Alabama man found with missing teen faces felony charges


An Alabama man is finding himself in some pretty hot water after running off with a 16 year old girl from Texas that he met on the Internet, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer. The teen girl was reported missing after she had been seen getting into the man’s truck while she was visiting relatives and friends in the town of Daphne, near where the 20 year old man lived. The girl was found unharmed and it does not appear that she was forced into the truck with the accused.

The two had met online several months before the incident and their Internet relationship quickly became serious. After a short time, they made plans to meet in real life as soon as possible. Once the young girl went missing and authorities were notified, what had started out as an online romance turned into a possible felony conviction for the man she was with. They were found in an apartment in Enterprise a week after the girl was reported as missing.

The N York Criminal Lawyer claimed the El Paso teen is expected to be returned to her mother in Texas. At this time, the man is being charged with interference with child custody. Alabama law recognizes this charge as a Class C felony, for which the accused could receive up to ten years in jail, if convicted. It is not known whether or not the mother of the young girl was aware of this online exchange prior to the girl’s disappearance.

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