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Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested and Charged


As part of an ongoing journalistic investigation, a New York Criminal Lawyer has learned that a sheriff’s deputy has been arrested and charged as part of a broader conspiracy that has already lead to other arrests within local police departments. It is alleged that each of the arrested men, conspired to sell drugs that were scheduled to be destroyed by the police department, as well as making specified DUI arrests that resulted in cash payments.
There are at least three individuals that have been arrested as part of this ongoing police investigation. One is the sheriff’s deputy, another is a former police commander, and another is a private investigator. Each of them is currently out on bail and awaiting the conclusion of this investigation and possible impending trial.
Apart from the selling of impounded drugs that were scheduled for destruction, one of the groups more dastardly alleged plots was to use DWI stops in order to tarnish an individual’s reputation before a set trial date. While another alleged plot was a DUI stop on the husbands of some of the private investigator’s female clients that were seeking cause for divorce.
A more recent incident, discovered by NYC Criminal Lawyers, was when the deputy visited the home of the reserve officer who had been in on the DUI arrests. It was during this visit that he handed the officer an unlicensed, non-exempt AR-15 in a trash bag because he thought he would be searched because of his association with one of those who had already been arrested.
The local sheriff has told New York Criminal Lawyers that due to its own deputy’s involvement, they have formally requested that the Department of Justice assume control of the investigation. The sheriff also stated of the devastating affects on the department because of these arrests.
There are many ongoing concerns with this case. Of course, the obvious concerns of a current deputy sheriff, a former police commander, and a private investigator, with each of them having current or past positions of trust and authority that have allegedly overstepped their boundaries. Yet, there is the other concern of how many ongoing civil and criminal cases are about to be effected because of this.

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