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Attempted Illegal Entry into US Foiled by Drug Sniffing Dog


If it weren’t for the fact that smuggling humans is highly illegal, this case may have had a touch of humor attached to it, explained the New York Criminal Lawyer.
A Mexican national was found trying to get across the border by hiding amongst paint buckets and other painting supplies, stowed in the back of a pickup truck. It was rather a novel situation in that the paint buckets had holes cut out of them so the individual’s arms and legs, chest and even body could fit inside the truck and appear to be a flatbed with cans, rags, towels, gloves and brushes tossed on top of the cans.
As far as being an innovative idea, it ranked right up there with the best of them. However, a drug sniffing dog took exception to the strange man in the back of the truck explained the New York Criminal Lawyer. Border patrol agents arrested him. The man will now also be used as a witness against the driver before he gets deported back to Mexico. The driver will face smuggling charges.
Cases like this are always difficult, as one can understand why an illegal immigrant would try to cross the border into the US, especially in these tough economic times. Unfortunately though, until the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act either moves forward or dies, there are rules and regulations immigrants need to abide by commented the New York Criminal Lawyer. The consequence of trying to cross the border illegally is deportation and those caught face some major consequences legally.
If you have been in this kind of a situation, or are in this bind right now, it would be best for you to contact a New York Criminal Attorney and find out what your rights are. A New York Criminal Attorney will work with the immigration system to ensure you are treated properly and that you also understand the ramifications of any criminal charges laid and how they impact on your chances at immigration.

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