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Man is Charged After Christmas Crash Kills Two,


A New York Criminal Lawyer reported that a South Carolina Man has been formally charged after a Christmas Day automobile accident left two dead and two more injured. The man was driving early Christmas Morning when he lost control of his vehicle, a large SUV, sending it veering into the path of an oncoming vehicle and causing a fatal accident. 

The NY Criminal Lawyer claims that one victim died at the scene of the accident and another victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. Two other individuals were also taken to the hospital for treatment of their injuries. Police have formally charged the man with driving while under the influence of alcohol resulting in death. He has also been charged with one count of DUI causing great bodily harm and driving with a suspended license. 

People who know the man have stood up for him, according to the New York Criminal Lawyer. Friends have come forward and expressed surprise and shock at the accident because the man did not seem to have a reputation as someone who would drink and drive. Regardless, the loss of life that was caused by his actions that morning will haunt him and people who were close to the victims. 

The New York Criminal Lawyer reported that the judge has set bond for the man who was charged at $51,000. Though people who know him understand that accidents happen, there are those who insist that this one did not have to happen. Further investigation into the accident is pending. 

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