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Security for Public Buildings to be Stepped up in Light of School Board Shooting


Life takes some unexpected turns now and then and recently, a group of people were witness to an angry man who eventually shot himself in their presence. The end result of this particular story was that school boards and other public facilities across the nation have started to take an in-depth look at their security commented a New York Criminal Lawyer.
Places like divorce courts, child custody settings and contentious legal battles over other legal matters where emotions tend to run amok. These days; just about everyone that comes into a public building is regarded with suspicion even the seemingly ordinary individual. After all, it was a seemingly normal man who held a school board group hostage with his handgun.
The hardest thing to consider in instances like this is what the person’s intentions are. No one can really know the intentions of another. Accordingly, most law enforcement people are always prepared for the worst to happen and everyone is a suspect explained the New York City Criminal Lawyer. Shockingly, court houses have screened pepper spray, razor blades, huge knives and other weapons. As a result of that, courthouse deputies are now highly trained to spot people who are acting differently.
While it’s a good idea to have this kind of security in place, even with trained personnel, things can and do go wrong. Sometimes, there is just no warning and incidents happen out of the blue. It’s hard to know when someone is going to go postal. Someone who may have been planning an attack for days, months or years may, by the time the day comes to take action, be calm and collected, showing no outward signs of agitation indicated the New York Criminal Lawyer.
It goes without saying that the man involved in the school board shooting, had he not taken his own life, would have needed a New York Criminal Lawyer. Everyone one, no matter what they have been charged with, is entitled to a criminal defense. It’s the law of the land.
In any situation where you are charged or about to be charged with a criminal offense, make your first phone call to a New York Criminal Attorney. Say nothing to anyone and make any explanations to “only” your New York Criminal Attorney.

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