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Man Kills Ex Wife; Burns Home to the Ground


They yelled and fought and screamed and shouted at one another. Formerly husband and wife, now living together a year after their divorce was finalized. Things were tense but no one could have foreseen what would happen next. He first took a knife and stabbed her to death, repeatedly ramming the steel into her until she died, reported a New York Criminal Lawyer. Then he took twenty gallons of gasoline – a great deal more than a full tank of gas – and drenched the house they had once shared, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. He lit a match and watched as he burned the house he and his former wife had built together. He watched as he burned the body of his dead wife. The flames peeled away at the interior of their house, leaving behind little trace of a life that had once begun with a happy wedding.

To say that the man was unstable is an understatement. Last month he had unsuccessfully tried to take his own life, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. The middle east native was clearly unhappy and that anger and hate and rage and disturbance drove him to an act of violence unfathomable to most people. A grand jury has indicted the man.

They have handed down an indictment of second degree murder and third degree arson. In response the man has plead not guilty. Police claim the man confessed to the crimes. They have a written confession, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer.

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