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Domestic violence whether we admit it or not has been a problem of society even during the early days. Unfortunately, the ultimate victims of this crime are the children. Often times a third party has to step in because both parents are incapable of recognizing that they are in a very menacing situation. Social Welfare may have to step in when the mental, physical and emotional development of the children are being compromised. A New York Criminal Lawyer can explain that social welfare acts as a government arm that ensures the children are safe and not in any kind of danger.

This case is all about domestic violence. The parents has been identified as people who keep on engaging in domestic violence and neither one has the capacity to get out of the vicious cycle of hurting each other. Friends, relatives, neighbors, police officers and even work colleagues have been asked to testify by the court. This procedure was necessary in order to establish a pattern that the parents have been continuously engaging in domestic violence for over 10 years already.

As a result, their eldest daughter has been diagnosed with enuresis or most commonly known as bedwetting at the age of six. The parents along with the eldest daughter were called in to undergo an evaluation at the a county mental health clinic because of their problem with their eldest. Apparently it was found out that the eldest has been playing “referee” or “peace maker” for her parents who were arguing most of the time. These arguments often end up in physical confrontations.

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Nicolas Cage was recently arrested on suspected domestic violence and disturbing the peace. The famous movie actor faced charges in New Orleans, reported a Manhattan Criminal Lawyer. The charges stemmed from an incident at a tattoo parlor late Friday evening. The actor and his wife were involved commotion outside the establishment. It is possible that one or both of them were under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

A witness reported that he was aware of the incident, but did not personally see any domestic violence. The tattoo shop where the incident took place did not have any further information about the incident for the public. The shop was avoiding any contact with the media but the shop and its employees were cooperating with police on the matter. In The Bronx and Westchester County, lawyers are asked to defend people accused of domestic violence and must do so with knowledge of the law in those areas.

Other witnesses that spoke to the media said that they felt the incident was not worthy of being headline news. The witnesses felt that while there certainly was a disturbance on Friday evening, the event was more of an argument than an arrest worthy incidence of domestic violence. There were several surveillance tapes from the store and nearby homes which will provide further evidence of the actual events that took place that evening, a Manhattan Criminal Lawyer explained.

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The mother and aunt of a baby girl from Colorado Springs are accused of taping the child’s wrists, ankles, eyes and mouth with tape and then leaving her in a running shower. They are charged with attempted murder, and their trial is set to proceed.

The 19-year-old mother and 50-year-old aunt were in court last Friday for the preliminary hearing. It was there decided that enough evidence is available to proceed with a trial. In addition to the attempted first degree murder charge and child abuse, the mother has also been charged with two counts of crime of violence, each of which carry a sentence of up to 48 years in prison. A New York Criminal Attorney says that if found guilty, the young mother could spend the rest of her life in jail.

The 20-month-old victim is still in the hospital. She suffered brain damage from the abuse.

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The suspect in the case of a man who stabbed his girlfriend to death did not only stab her. He didn’t even try to merely decapitate her. He attempted to destroy her face as well.

“It was pure anger,” a police source told New York Criminal Lawyers. The victim’s body was found, covered with blood, in an apartment on the Lower East Side. “He didn’t want her to leave and he didn’t want her to be beautiful for anyone else.”

According to the police, the 33-year-old suspect used several knives to slash his 23-year-old girlfriend, in a fit of rage. At one point, he cut her so hard that the tip broke from one of the blades.

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There are criminal arrests that happen every day all over New York City. New York Criminal Law Firms are available to help.

The first story takes place in the Bronx, where a mother is accused of slapping her 8-year-old son in their home in Castle Hill. The 30-year-old woman hit the boy so hard that blood pooled in his right eye afterward, sources said.

The boy’s face swelled up on the right side, due to the open-handed blow on March 30 at 6 p.m., police revealed to New York Criminal Law Firms.

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