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Concealing Money Gets Soccer Player a Year’s Home Arrest,


If you’re going to hide money from the IRS, expect to pay the consequences if you are caught, explained a New York Criminal Lawyer. While there may be mitigating circumstances and an attorney can get the charges or jail time reduced or commuted to community service time, there will generally be a price to pay for flaunting the law.
The particular former athlete will be spending a year at home under house arrest for hiding $2.6 million in a Swiss bank account. He wanted to save $60,000 in taxes. What he got instead was a whole pile of trouble with the law for criminal tax evasion. Instead of saving $60,000, he was fined $1.3 million for not legally reporting the funds on his tax return said the New York Criminal Lawyer.
At trial the judge took aim at the athlete and said that his new country of residence had treated him well, but in return, he had chosen to deliberately flaunt the law and hide money from the same government that had accepted him as a US citizen reported the New York Criminal Lawyer.
Although the man remains out on a bond, he is facing yet another challenge, prostate and bladder cancer; a fact his counsel parlayed into avoiding a potential federal prison stint for 18-months.
Cases like this always have two sides to them and have the potential to go either way in court. It all depends on the nature of the case and how aware the alleged perpetrator was of the actions going on around him commented the New York Criminal Lawyer. There is always a case to be made that the person who supposedly evaded taxes was not the actual person hiding the money, but that person’s agent.
If you are facing a sticky situation such as this and are about to be charged or have been charged with tax evasion, make an urgent phone call to a New York Criminal Attorney. The only way to navigate through the justice system is to have an experienced New York Criminal Attorney at your side. Never leave something that important up to chance

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